EIDO, IDX and XIIT – Indonesia ETF

What do they all have in common? Well, of course they’ re all ETFs on Indonesia. So what is the major difference between all of those ETFs? The answer is : time zone difference (12-hour difference).  And this can be huge since we know that the Indonesia Stock market can swing significanly within short period of time, as evident by -9% drop back on September 22, 2011.

Eido and IDX are ETF traded in the U.S. while XIIT is traded on Indonesia Stock exchange.  If you hate this time zone risk and have the capability to hedge the currency risk (or leave it unhedged if you prefer), I think you should take a look at XIIT, the Indonesia ETF based on top 30 market cap listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange.  It’s a great way to access the Indonesia stock market. Just search XIIT.IJ on bloomberg, XIIT.JK on yahoo finance or simply ask your brokers in Indonesia for ticker XIIT.

Note for Yhoo finance, for some reasons they still haven’t uploaded the historical data of XIIT, hence the info is still incomplete.  But at least you could get a 15-minute delayed live quotation from that site. If you have a bloomberg terminal, XIIT quotation is live there.

If you still need info,just click: PRO for XIIT Info or just drop me a question on this blog



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