Kanker dan Pengobatan Alternatif versi A.S.

Out of Topic. Artikel menarik dari Wall Street Journal mengenai pengobatan kanker alternatif versi A.S. Bukan rekomendasi, hanya sekedar info.

Lab Rat?

Sam Hutchison has cancer. His father

is seeking a cure beyond the edge of medicine.


December 15, 2007; Page A1

Each day, Sam Hutchison swallows 44 pills, most of which weren’t prescribed by his physician. They were chosen by Sam’s father, who devised the treatment cocktail — and tests many of the medicines on himself — in a desperate effort to save his seven-year-old son.

Neil Hutchison, 45, isn’t a doctor. A defense-contractor recruiter, he’s part of a growing underground pushing the edge of medicine to find combinations of anticancer agents to save themselves or loved ones. Many of the medicines Sam takes haven’t been tested in clinical trials for his disease. Some are meant for other illnesses; others are still in animal testing for safety and efficacy. But the fact is that Sam, who suffers a rare and often-deadly cancer of the nerves, is otherwise almost certain to die. Hence Mr. Hutchinson’s decision, as he puts it, to play “lab rat” with his son.

“When your kids have run out of options, you have to think outside the box,” Mr. Hutchison says. “It’s terrifying, but it’s our only hope.” Continue reading